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M Chenault Management
Consulting, LLC

We are a woman owned business that provides consulting and coaching services to small business owners. After a successful career in operations and project management, owner and principal consultant, Michelle Chenault felt
compelled to help others navigate the web of government contracting, corporate compliance, and business formation.

Michelle has spent over 16 years working with small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the hurdles of business ownership. M Chenault Management Consulting, LLC provides one-on-one personalized coaching sessions to new and existing business owners.

With expertise in startup planning, operations management, technical writing and more, our business is helping your business

Michelle’s clients describe her as thorough, easy to talk to, and able to get the job done! She takes away the intimidation and
fear that comes with the massive opportunities provided by government and corporate contracting. Michelle’s ability to connect
with her clients puts small business owners at ease as they go through the pain-staking process of certification. M Chenault
Management Consulting is the obvious choice for any business owner ready to take their business to the next level!.


Support entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals.


Be the catalyst for building sustainable small businesses.


Embrace equality, accountability, transparency, leadership, and integrity to ensure the client’s trust in services received will be performed with professionalism and consistency.

Why Work With Me!

My Experience…

Over 16 years consulting in operations, human resources,
and project management providing coaching and
mentorship to entrepreneurs and small business owners
in their pursuit to actualizing their dream!

My Approach…

One-on-one personalized coaching sessions to discuss business ideas or existing business pain points to develop a plan with timelines and milestones, cost analysis, and schedule to reach strategic goals.

What I Do Differently…

I help clients understand what it takes to start a business,
run a business and address business challenges. I walk
them through every step of the process to lead you to