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Apostle City Ministries

Rich Kinney, CEO

I first connected with Michelle in 2018 on LinkedIn when I reached out for help with nonprofit business management, applying for our 501c3 and assisting with accounting. I was delighted to hear from Michelle and learn that she had extensive experience with applying for a 501c3.

Michelle became my trusted business consultant while she gathered necessary information on our nonprofit and applied for our charity status. She connected us to our current bookkeeper and did the initial groundwork to apply for grants while guiding me at developing our nonprofit business.

She is honest, professional, punctual, patient, and understanding. I continue to contact Michelle to draw on her professional opinion and appreciate having made a friend in business for life.

Pure Momentum Consulting, LLC

Dr. Lydia Hughes-Evans, Founder/CEO

If you have a business, or are even considering starting a business, you NEED Michelle! I’m one of those business owners who thinks that I can do everything myself, and that’s led me to lose quite a bit of time and money, on a number of occasions. Recently, I engaged Michelle’s services to position our company to be eligible as a service provider/ vendor for Federal, State, and local government agencies. This had been a dream of mine, but after looking at all of the steps that it would entail, I was both confused and overwhelmed.

Michelle stepped in, and made magic happen, from start to finish, within the span of about 4 weeks, during a PANDEMIC! Not only
is my business certified as a Small Business (SB) with the State of California, we are also certified as a Women Owned Small
Business (WOSB) with the Federal government as well, in addition to being registered in all of the appropriate places to begin to
see what services government agencies are contracting for. Subsequently, I engaged Michelle to write and submit 2 Requests for
Proposals (RFPs) to government contracting opportunities that will be a good fit for our business, and I’m confident that we will
gain both of those, due to Michelle’s detailed expertise in technical writing. Now, I’m planning to engage Michelle in the future to
support me in securing a variety of business financing options, which will poise us to continue to grow. Essentially, partnering with
Michelle has only brought Peace and Prosperity into my business. I encourage you to reach out to her today!


Kyle Hepp, CEO

Michelle is one of the most brilliant businesswomen I have ever met. In less than three months, she managed to transform my business. When we started with her, our operations were chaotic, and we were still a really young company in terms of organization and structure. We are now operating like a well-oiled machine! Or getting closer to it! She helped us build the building blocks upon which we can grow.  I’ll forever be grateful to Michelle and the impact that she has had on me personally, as well as on my company.

FCMG, Inc.

Kevin L. Hampton, Manager

After 25 years of being in business, it took Michelle only an hour to point out operational inefficiencies! I was so impressed with her skills that we hired her. After several months of working with Michelle we now have consistent policies and procedures allowing us to work seamlessly with operations in two different states. We later contracted with Michelle to help us set-up new entities to participate in the Opportunity Zone Program. She learned all aspects of the Program and created the required project portfolio documents. Our clients have been impressed with us!

The Providence Bar & Eatery

Simon Gomez, Owner

I was tired of working as an employee for a national grocery chain. I had a lifelong dream of opening up a bar and pool hall in my local city. I was referred to Michelle through a close friend. She helped me understand the fundamentals of starting a business, how to prepare a financial statement, and do market analysis. She prepared my business plan and consulted me through the process of buying an existing restaurant, negotiating a new lease with the landlord, and setting up vendor relationships. I’m thankful for all her help!

Koff & Associates

HR Recruiting Team

We acknowledge that the work you do for us is consistently solid and we appreciate how detail oriented and reliable you are. Thank you for being committed to producing good work.